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Welcome to the online home of FIELD, a twice-yearly journal of contemporary poetry and poetics. FIELD has published spring and fall issues each year since its founding in 1969. The magazine is available at bookstores and by direct order from us. Back issues can be obtained, in limited quantities. FIELD is also available for download. See Ordering Information for more details.

Editors: David Young, David Walker
Associate Editors: Pamela Alexander, Kazim Ali, DeSales Harrison, Lynn Powell
Editor-at-Large: Martha Collins
Managing Editor: Marco Wilkinson

FIELD #100

CURRENT ISSUE (#100, Spring 2019)

The final issue of FIELD is a celebratory collection of the present and the past. It begins with new work by Heather Christle, Erin Malone, Susan Rich, Angie Estes, Alicia Rebecca Myers, Ute von Funcke (translated by Stuart Friebert), Mark Neely, Susan Grimm, Laura Judge, Benjamin Naka-Hasebe Kingsley, Jean Valentine, Carol Moldaw, Kate Partridge, Per Aage Brandt (translated by Thom Satterlee), Sandra McPherson, Margaret Ray, and others. The second half of the issue presents fifty poems representing our entire fifty-year history, including work by Margaret Atwood, Linda Bierds, Robert Bly, Billy Collins, Rita Dove, Russell Edson, Michael S. Harper, Laura Jensen, Philip Levine, Thomas Lux, Adrienne Rich, William Stafford, Gerald Stern, Mark Strand, C. D. Wright, and Charles Wright. You won't want to miss it.

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PREVIOUS ISSUE (#99, Fall 2018)

The new issue begins with a symposium on Charles Simic, with contributions by Peg Boyers, Marianne Boruch, Bruce Weigl, Charles Wright, David Rivard, Marilyn Johnson, Robert Boyers, and Ange Mlinko, followed by new poems by Simic himself, Cynthia Hogue, Andrea Read, Catherine Pierce, Carolyn Oliver, Arthur Sze, Elizabeth Bradfield, Cassandra Cleghorn, Matthew Thorburn, Leah Falk, Bruce Beasley, Elizabeth Lyons, Sarah Maclay, Dennis Hinrichsen, Anne Marie Macari, Grzegorz Wroblewski (translated by Piotr Gwiazda), Carol Potter, Peter Leight, and John Gallaher, among others.

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BACK ISSUE (#98, Spring 2018)

This issue featured poems by old favorites and new discoveries, including Lee Upton, Bob Hicok, Diane K. Martin, Libby Burton, Daniel Biegelson, Talvikki Ansel, Mark Irwin, Aimee Sands, Steven Chung, Heather Sellers, Elisabeth Murawski, Ray Amorosi, Lee Sharkey, Allison Adair, Ralph Burns, Robert Thomas, Mark Wagenaar, Jane Huffman, Diane Louie, Ute von Funcke (translated by Stuart Friebert), Molly Spencer, Jackson Holbert, and David Baker, and reviews of new books by Tommy Pico, Wesley Rothman, Adam Giannelli, and Jonathan Blunk.

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BACK ISSUE (#97, Fall 2017)

A symposium on the work of Nancy Willard, with essays by Lee Upton, Cynthia Hogue, Dore Kiesselbach, Martha Collins, Sarah Green, and Dennis Schmitz, and poems by Kevin Prufer, Mary Ann Samyn, Sam Ross, Wayne Miller, Jennifer Atkinson, Timothy O'Keefe, Betsy Sholl, Kirsten Abel, Elton Glaser, Claudia Serea, Analicia Sotelo, Michael Teig, Ralph Burns, Bern Mulvey, David Hernandez, Emily Skaja, Christopher Howell, Nancy Eimers, Karen Rigby, and Angie Estes, among many others.

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BACK ISSUE (#96, Spring 2017)

This issue featured poems from Carol Potter, Sarah Gambito, Dan Alter, Eleanor Mary Boudreau, Mark Neely, Susan Terris, Ellen Dore Watson, Cynthia Cruz, Chana Bloch, Michael Hurley, Angela Ball, D. Nurkse, Lauren Clark, Sandra McPherson, Bruce Beasley, Marianne Boruch, Mike White, Daneen Wardrop, John Gallaher, Brian Tierney, and many others, along with reviews of new books by Lee Sharkey, Layli Long Soldier, Brian Teare, and Wayne Miller, and new translations of Pablo Neruda.

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Other back issues are available.
Including #95, which includes a symposium on C. D. Wright; #93, with a symposium on the incomparable Russell Edson; #91, which features a symposium on the work of Nobel-winner Seamus Heaney; #89, with a symposium on Gerald Stern; #87, with a symposium on Nobel-winner Tomas Transtromer; #85, featuring a symposium on Muriel Rukeyser; #83, with a symposium on the work of Richard Wilbur; #81, which included a symposium on the work of former Poet Laureate Philip Levine; #80, a special 40th-anniversary all-poetry issue with dozens of great poems; #79, which includes a symposium on Jane Cooper; #77, featuring a symposium on the work of Adrienne Rich; #75, with a symposium on Hart Crane; #74, with poems by Angela Ball, Christopher Howell, Rane Arroyo, and Kathy Fagan; #73, which includes a symposium on the work of Jean Valentine; #71, with a symposium on Paul Celan; #70, featuring poems by Bob Hicok, Angie Estes, Thomas Lux, and Michael Chitwood; #69, with a symposium on the work of James Wright; #67 (Fall 2002), with a symposium on Denise Levertov; #65 (Fall 2001), with a symposium on John Ashbery; #63 (Fall 2000), with a symposium on Rainer Maria Rilke; #61 (Fall 1999), with a symposium on Gwendolyn Brooks; #59 (Fall 1998), which includes a symposium on Sylvia Plath; #57 (Fall 1997), with a symposium on W. S. Merwin and new poems by Charles Wright, Carol Muske, and Robin Behn.

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