(Fall 2013)
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Gerald Stern: A Symposium

Philip Levine
The City of Gerald
John Gallaher
On "Lucky Life"
Sarah Green
Board Across the Channel
Bob Hicok
On "Waving Good-Bye"
Wayne Miller
Gerald Stern: Sing!
Joan Larkin
An American Sonnet
Ross Gay   Animal Lessons
Michael Waters   Gerald Stern's "Gorgeous Retrieval"


David Hernandez

Dear Death

Sandra McPherson
Loose Flowers
Janice N. Harrington
Sonja James
Cradle & Buggy
Philip Metres
from Hung Lyres
from Hung Lyres
Emmanuel Moses
translated by Marilyn Hacker
"I didn't intend to write..."
"Childhood is there..."
Hugh Martin
Frisking Two Men in Sadiyah
The Leg
Leah Falk
Chatterbot #1
Maggie MK Hess
Role Play
Steven Cramer
An Invitation
En Route
Jennifer Atkinson
On Earth As It Is
Interior 1963
Mary Cisper


Dennis Schmitz
Boundaries We Don't See
Amit Majmudar
Ode to a Drone
Welcome Home Troops!
Ben Purkert
Little Anatomy
Girlfriend Sends Me a Whale
D. Nurkse
Release from Stella Maris
Christina Pugh
David Baker
Our Ivy
Corner Window
Sarah Estes
Cynthia Cruz
Forgotten Glosses
The Abandoned Letter
Marianne Boruch
Rom, Du Bist eine Welt
Rebecca Hoogs
Red Mum
Elizabeth Breese
Mother Ann, Mother
Catherine Bull
Spider Plant Boulevard
Lee Upton
Salome's Dance

Shelley Puhak

Guinevere and Lancelot's Last Meeting, Along the Path to Arthur's Grave
Guinevere Gets Religion
Bob Hicok
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Let's be lesser known suns.
You love me up close and I'll love you
from over here. We'll be ok if our legs

are strong against the horse. Oh, quick,
quick, he's getting away. Let's rub
our noses until we smell of home.

I'll be fragment of a female,
you be fallen man.
Play me like an oboe and I'll you,

we'll see who can get the loudest
honk of grief to pass through.
After that, let's pretend we're mature

men who travel first class
with pockets of cash
until we forget we're scared

and alone. You be a god
who could drive through traffic
all night long. I could love a god

like that. You do that
and I'll get lost in thought,
like a philosopher, I'll wear a hat.

Show me your heroic nudity.
The head is meant to resemble
the head, after all. The experts say,

something is going on that we don't understand.
They shake their tags like dogs.
We're dogs. Play rough with me.

--Maggie MK Hess

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Our lady of the loudspeaker,
our lady of the scaffolding,
and of ever-present concussion,
our lady of the close-talker,
our lady of the babies, I have seen
your ultrasounds. If I put this coin in you
what will come of it? A little light
for a dark womb? A little tomb
for an oversight? Our lady
of the happiness,
of the neckbrace of happiness,
our lady of the fuse executed,
I planted wild strawberries
as if that were even possible.
Clouds elaborated on the sky.
Our lady of the upscale bondsman
gets in the pool. Later we will meet
at the fire pit, share a bottle of wine.
O our lady of the lady, I felt like a dollhouse
with one half opened to the world
and you arranging my tiny furniture,
my tiny nuclear family secret.

--Rebecca Hoogs

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She was a rabbity teenager punked out in
polka dots, her feet nicking the air.
This baby in her sword dance, this blotted peeler,
this little-bitty trotter with a blind spot.
She pared down into slots.
She judged how far to go to make sure
the bird got shot. She danced

like shower curtains,
like a swizzle stick, savannah wrapped,
twirling her seven pajamas.
That platter needs a head, she said,
take it all off.
Who wouldn't follow the twists of her silly tickler pack?
Her beads clicked like a respirator.

She draped the ribbon-cutting ceremony
for psychopaths.
Her feet were pattering clams and her arms
snakes in a birdcage, wind scalping a rooftop.
Through it all, how innocent her face was.
A face:
that catch basin.

--Lee Upton

Copyright © 2013 by Oberlin College. May not be reproduced without permission.


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