(Fall 2010)
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Richard Wilbur: A Symposium

Bruce Weigl
"The Beautiful Changes": Losing Back to Wonder
Annie Finch
Richard Wilbur's Accent: On Wading "The Beautiful Changes"
Steve Friebert
and Stuart Friebert
"First Snow in Alsace": Heaven and Hell in the Poise Between "Inhabit" and "Know"
DeSales Harrison
"Love Calls Us to the Things of This World": A Difficult Balance
David Young
"Beasts": Warped in Window-Glass
Beckian Fritz Goldberg
"Icarium Mare": The Sanctuary of Sense
Carole Simmons Oles
"This Pleasing Anxious Being": Mayflies in Amber
Stephen Tapscott
My Heart Was on the Serpents' Side: Richard Wilbur's Translations


Jon Loomis

Conspiracy Theory

Natalie Shapero
Implausible Travel Plans
A Cup, the Amount of Blood in a Human Heart
David Dodd Lee
The Bone Sculptures
The Past
Kuno Raeber
translated by Stuart Friebert
Still Life
The Trunk
The Plate
Deborah Flanagan
Translation of Scent
John Gallaher
The Bridge at Rest
The First Chance I Get I'm Out of Here
Adam Giannelli
Incurable Cloud
Megan Snyder-Camp
Kimiko Hahn
A Dream of Parsnips
A Dream of a Pillow
Amit Majmudar
Control+Alt+Delete Ghazal
Sandra McPherson
As We Understand Them (I)
As We Understand Them (II)
Dennis Schmitz

On the Mississippi at Night

Mark Irwin
Open House
Ray Amorosi
When We
Elizabeth Breese
Self-Portrait at Glendalough
Calamity the Way I Think It
Nathan Parker
The Lord of the Forest
Rick Bursky
Timothy O'Keefe
Broken Sonnet: Our Own Rumpelstiltskin
Why I'm Not Photogenic
Another Legend to Tuck Us In
Elton Glaser
Low Wranglings, High Resolution
Jack Kristiansen
Eleven A.M.
Brian Laidlaw
Spatial Politic of the Rapture
David Wagoner
My Mother's Nightmare
Mary Ann Samyn
A Painted Sun
Shark Shark Shark, or Whatever It Is That You Want Next
The Good with the Bad
Eric Torgersen
Translator's Notes on "A Few Notes from the Elbholz"
Nicolas Born
translated by Eric Torgersen
A Few Notes from the Elbholz

It starts with a flash, and then snow--
dither of sparrows, winter clenching its teeth.
One day you're out walking: your shoes

sink into the pavement, the white van
pulls up to the curb. Of course
they deny the whole thing, whoever they are

in their joke-shop masks: one like Reagan,
one like Felix the Cat. You worry too much,
they tell you, adjusting your chains. It's bad

for your health. You nod, keep your mouth shut.
The snow smells like smoke. The sparrows
rustle their leathery wings.

--Jon Loomis

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The bridge is dreaming again.

In favor of the present moment,
the bridge is dreaming
or we're dreaming of a bridge.

Cables in great arcs.

This is where I sit
with the convergence. How full
the everything else, where the traffic moves through
certain days,

rows above rows
and circling sky.

The bridge is dreaming of people
in great arcs.

I read it in the newspapers.

One calls it "leaping"
and one calls it "jumping." One calls it "to pour,"
and one calls it "to fill."

And it's two worlds.
The direction called Getting There,
where they waited and waited.

So that now
your body is most things
over the city,
in favor of the present moment.

And what are we going to say then?

--John Gallaher

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Does the sacred stand,
Front hooves on the fence
As a goat does--smelling your salt, tasting your oil,
Bleating to the attention of your hand?

The awakening that was
Cannot compare
With all the instants
Time can herd into its whole.

Is the manger preserved?
A boy at the country fair
In the lamb fields
Watched them shear
Year after year.
And still feels he's a boy.

After his death
The fair opens its gates,
New children, sucklings,
Clean straw.

There are songs of the pigs,
A chorus of sheep: Let us record
Sacred music.

--Sandra McPherson

Copyright © 2010 by Oberlin College. May not be reproduced without permission.


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